Letter of Introduction


Throughout this introduction letter it will introduce myself and further talk about where I come from and what I plan to do for my future. It will further explain my background and my interests in the scientific and medical world from a young age that helped me decide my career as a Physician Assistant. It will further explain what I do now working at a doctor’s office and how it helped me open my eyes further into this field and assured me that this is the field for me. It will talk about the importance of science and how I will further use it to benefit my community with their health and how that knowledge will always inspire me to always keep learning more.

Salma Ahmed

160 Convent Ave

New York, NY 10031


September 03, 2019

Professor Coppola

Shepard 73

New York, NY 10031

Dear Professor Coppola, 

I am writing to you to introduce myself and to inform you of my goals for this semester and beyond. My name is Salma Ahmed, I am a 19 year old sophomore with the intentions of majoring in Psychology to pursue a career in being a Physician Assistant. My parents originate from Egypt, however I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York for most of my life. For a small portion of my life I resided in Tampa, Fl. I grew up interested in the world of science and medicine and grew to learn, from school and the world around me, that science is an essential part of humanity. 

In school I never really had a love affair with science, but I can say that I was always interested in how everything works, especially the human body. I was always the kid to ask what is that, why is that,  and how is that functioning. I wanted to know and understand how the world works. As a child I used to download apps that would portray me as a doctor and I would really enjoy those games. I have always had a love for the human body and how magically it works.  Over time I have come to realize that it is essential to understand how each part of the body works and what the importance of that body part is. 

I intend on becoming a Physician Assistant. I feel that as a future Physician Assistant this drive to want to know and understand everything is really important. I believe that with the knowledge of science and medicine I can help to find ways to be able to support my community by being able to help patients with their health.

Currently, I work at a doctor’s office and I can confidently say that with this job and the many experiences it has given me, it has broadened my view of the medical world. Standing side by side with a doctor has assured me that science and medicine is the field for me. Every day that I work with the doctor and interact with the many patients it amazes me in ways I would have never previously imagined. I look forward to many hands-on experiences, to further my education in science and medicine and to be able to help my community by being able to help direct and assist with patients health.

Science is an essential part of humanity. Science drives human innovation as well as human curiosity. It keeps our world moving forward. Without science the world today would not exist. Many things we have in our world today such as astronomy and biology derived from science and has developed the human race. Science has given us a better understanding of how the world works in many ways especially medically by allowing us to find cures and medication. With this information, I plan on using science to help me for my medical career. Knowing that with the knowledge of this information will allow me to help my community with their health motivates and inspires me to always keep learning more. 

I keep a list of goals for every part of my life for myself to look forward to. For this class, I hope to get a better understanding of how scientific papers are written and why the authors chose to write in that specific style. I hope to become more fluent in my writing and to be able to interest my readers and present my information in a logical manner. I hope to be able to walk out of this class more confident in my writing skills and I believe I can do so


Salma Ahmed

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